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Support USW

Every gift counts.

Now more than ever, University of the Southwest can use your support and generosity. Whether you’re an alumnus, parent, faculty member or friend, your gift provides a unique opportunity for you to support New Mexico's only Christ-centered university, which will make a lasting impact on our students and community.

All gifts to University of the Southwest are used to create an unparalleled environment for learning and discovery. Your support of our annual, capital, or endowment funds helps our administration provide scholarships for outstanding students, invest in quality faculty, fund research and classroom facilities, and enhance the technology required in today's classrooms. In addition, your support provides worthwhile student activities that enrich and enhance the college experience.

University of the Southwest provides a number of ways in which you can support our students. However you choose to give, no matter how often, or how much, your gift is appreciated. The continued success of our university and our students depends on your generosity and support.

Ways to Give

At University of the Southwest, we understand that making the decision to give to the University is deeply personal. Donors often wish to see specific actions as a result of their support. We work to match your desire to help with the most effective option to assist the University in achieving our common objectives.

Annual Fund
Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund allow the University to help where help is needed most with current operations. Funds are used to help provide student scholarships, provide classroom and research materials, and continue the mission of the University in service to the region.

Double Your Money

If your employer (or parent company) participates in gift-matching, your gift to University of the Southwest could be at least doubled. 

Capital Gifts
University of the Southwest has a strategic vision to increase its enrollment to 1,000 students. To accomplish this, facilities must be built and continuously upgraded to provide for additional classrooms, laboratories, a campus chapel and research space required for a growing student body.

Gifts to the capital fund will help create these facilities. Construction is already underway with some of the most immediate needs, and your assistance will make the completion of other projects a reality. Capital gifts may be made to the general capital fund or designated for one or more of the planned projects.

Alumni Giving
Those who have benefited most directly from our educational programs are the USW alumni. Their life's work and accomplishments often took hold from a class, a selected major, or an influential professor.

Alumni give back to the University, helping current students as they themselves were once helped, with gifts through the alumni annual fund, the scholarship fund, or other donations to USW.

Alumni support is testimony to the impact their time on campus had on their lives. In many private colleges such as University of the Southwest, alumni participation ranges from one-third to more than one-half of the total alumni.

Gifts to the Endowment
Support through a gift to the University of the Southwest Foundation provides sustaining support for the University. Donors may invest a gift in the general endowment fund, or they may create or add to an existing specific purpose endowment. Endowments support scholarships, provide tuition assistance, purchase research materials, and provide other foundational operating support.

Estate and Planned Gifts
Support in the form of gifts through wills, lead trusts, remainder trusts, pooled income funds, and other charitable giving options are ways in which donors can support any of the giving categories at USW. The benefit to the donor depends on a number of factors.

Exploring the possibilities of a gift of assets to University of the Southwest may allow you to help in ways beyond your most generous dreams, while still ensuring your lifestyle.

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Your Gifts at Work

All gifts to University of the Southwest are focused on attracting, serving, and retaining students of all ages and degree goals. Your gift will help students in one or more of the five following focus areas:

While the cost of a quality higher education can be substantial, the investment is well worth the dividends received by the students who earn the degree, by the community in which they live, and by the businesses for which they work. Each year, the majority of USW students will receive some form of financial aid, or tuition support, which is made possible by gifts to the annual fund or to one of the endowed scholarship funds. Without this support, many students would not be able to afford a college education, thereby diminishing their ability to realize their full potential as contributing members of society.

Quality Teaching
A hallmark of USW is the tradition of providing high quality classroom instruction. Both our full-time and adjunct professors blend academic knowledge with life experience to create graduates who not only fully understand presented topics but who are also prepared to apply them in the workplace. So that professors can adequately provide these experiences, USW strives to equip them with the resources necessary to continue individual research and to remain abreast of current theories, trends, research, and technology in all aspects of their discipline.

Campus Facilities
From classrooms to science labs and dorm rooms to cafeterias, USW must provide adequate space for students to learn and live during their college experience. To meet the future demands of our growing student population, a master plan has been implemented, with some of the key construction already completed or underway.

While classroom interaction remains the most important aspect of higher education, it accounts for only a fraction of the time a student will spend earning a college degree. Technological resources such as computers, Internet, videos, CDs, inter-library sharing, and the like enable students to demonstrate their mastery of a topic while ensuring that they are prepared for today's networked marketplace. As technology continues to play an even greater part our daily lives, colleges must continually upgrade to adequately prepare students for their role in the future.

Organization Support
USW's student organizations encourage students to challenge themselves and require that students apply the knowledge and values they have learned so that they may address real life issues and concerns. These organizations also promote the importance and benefits of community service, thereby encouraging students to give back to the communities in which they live and have become contributing members.

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