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Mail Services

Mailbox Lobby Location: Bill Daniels Student Center, Room 111

Mailbox Lobby Hours: Open 24 hours for mailbox access

Package Room Location: Scarborough Memorial Activity Center (SMAC)
Package Room Hours: 7:00AM – 3:00PM, Monday - Friday

University of the Southwest Mail Services provides the following services:

  • Certified Mail

  • Express Mail

  • First Class Mail

  • Priority Mail

  • Registered Mail

  • Package Mailing

  • Receive UPS Packages

  • Receive FedEx Packages

  • Receive Airborne Express Packages

  • Receive DHL Packages


If a package is too big for your box you will find a package note card in your box. Take this note card to the Scarborough Memorial Activity Center and pick up your package. Outgoing mail is delivered to the local post office every day excluding Saturday, Sunday, selected holidays and campus closings.

All residential students are issued on-campus mailboxes. On-campus mailboxes allow the students to have one address while attending USW and keep the same address throughout the time they are a student. On-campus mailboxes are also used to help keep students informed about campus functions.

Address for Student Mail

University of the Southwest
Student's Name
6610 Lovington Highway, NO. XX (XX = Student's Assigned Box Number)
Hobbs NM 88240-9129

Questions? Contact us.
Mail Services Coordinator
Jarred Lewis
Office location:

Scarborough Memorial Activity Center (SMAC)

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