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Staff Job Openings

Job title:
FLSA Classification:
Reports to:

Undergraduate Academic Advisor


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Position goal:

The goal for each member of the USW campus community is to believe and live consistently by the principles of the mission of the University. The USW mission is as follows:


University of the Southwest is a Christ-centered educational community dedicated to developing men and women for a lifetime of servant leadership by emphasizing individual faith, responsibility, and initiative.

  • Teaching at University of the Southwest adheres to belief in God, in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and in the separation of church and state.

  • University of the Southwest strives for excellence in academic curriculum, campus life programming, and student activities in a supportive educational community where freedom of thought and expression is honored and the demonstration of faith in acts of service is encouraged.

  • At University of the Southwest, students are instructed and mentored by a faculty and staff who demonstrate Christ-centered values and maintain an environment where students can live and work cooperatively, valuing the multiple cultures from which they came.

  • As a community of initiative, University of the Southwest challenges graduates to become enterprising members of our society contributing to the common good by advocating and participating in the productive commerce of free enterprise, the constitutional privilege of self-government, and the practical contributions of community service.

Position Summary:

The Undergraduate Academic Advisor reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and works very closely with undergraduate students and faculty to ensure outstanding service regarding graduate and professional programs.  Serving as a veritable “Educational Concierge,” the Academic Advisor will serve to address/resolve any and all student service issues related to undergraduate courses and programming.

In addition, this position will also aid the undergraduate program retention efforts as is necessary.

Essential Functions:

1.  Work with faculty mentors to assist students in program continuation and completion.

2.  Work with faculty to verify degree planning requirements and curriculum updates.

3.  Coordinate with appropriate areas to ensure seamless on-boarding of new undergraduate students – from application to enrollment.

4.  Serve as a single point for resolution of undergraduate student support needs.

5.  Update the metrics in place to monitor enrollment and growth in the undergraduate programs.

6.  Coordinate the use of program evaluation techniques with regard to student satisfaction, post-graduation placement, and net-promoter scores.

7.  Assist students with general program questions.

8.  Work with the Dean regarding course scheduling and rotation.

9.  Work with undergraduate students to ensure retention and persistence in programs, as well as identifying those students at risk of failing/stopping out.

10.  Responsible for undertaking and implementing special projects as requested.

11.  Attend trainings, webinars, and participate in web-conferencing related to, but not limited to, implementation and upgrades of software, updating policies and procedures such as catalog revisions, and departmental/university meetings.

Other responsibilities:

1.  Participates in campus activities.

2.  Performs other related duties as assigned.

Education, experience, & skills required:

1.  Master’s degree preferred, Bachelor’s degree with equivalent experience considered.

2.  Demonstrated strong technical and analytical skills, and effective communication abilities.

3.  Demonstrated ability to organize work, establish priorities and work independently.

4.  Demonstrated strong skills related to effectively working with students and faculty.

Applications should be submitted via email to Veronica Torrez (

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