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Staff Job Openings

Job title:
FLSA Classification:
Reports to:

Head Men's Soccer Coach


Vice President of Athletics & Campus Facilities

Position goal:

The goal for each member of the USW campus community is to believe and live consistently by the principles of the mission of the University. The USW mission is as follows:


University of the Southwest is a Christ-centered educational community dedicated to developing men and women for a lifetime of servant leadership by emphasizing individual faith, responsibility, and initiative.

  • Teaching at University of the Southwest adheres to belief in God, in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and in the separation of church and state.

  • University of the Southwest strives for excellence in academic curriculum, campus life programming, and student activities in a supportive educational community where freedom of thought and expression is honored and the demonstration of faith in acts of service is encouraged.

  • At University of the Southwest, students are instructed and mentored by a faculty and staff who demonstrate Christ-centered values and maintain an environment where students can live and work cooperatively, valuing the multiple cultures from which they came.

  • As a community of initiative, University of the Southwest challenges graduates to become enterprising members of our society contributing to the common good by advocating and participating in the productive commerce of free enterprise, the constitutional privilege of self-government, and the practical contributions of community service.

Position Summary:

The Head Men’s Soccer Coach is responsible for recruiting student-athletes whose educational, athletic, and personal aims are imminently congruent with the University’s mission.  Responsible for conditioning student-athletes, leading them toward sportsmanlike conduct, and--above all--facilitating and supporting their academic responsibilities.  Ensures positive representation of the University through the athletic team and the individuals on that team.

Essential Functions:

1.  The evaluation and selection of prospective student-athletes with regard to NAIA certification and the qualifications to receive athletically related financial aid.

2.  The evaluation and selection of student-athletes according to academic eligibility and athletic skill level to field a competitive intercollegiate athletic team that competes with an NAIA Division I schedule.

3.  Conduct effective team practices both in season and pre-season to develop the potential of each student-athlete.

4.  Conduct effective team and individual conditioning programs to prevent injuries and increase performance potential.

5.  The development of a team schedule to meet the requirements of the NAIA and affiliated conference with competition on a local, regional and national level.

6.  Plan and supervise all team travel in conjunction with the Athletic Team Travel Liaison.

7.  Supervise and provide for the safety of all student-athletes and auxiliary staff while on team trips.

8.  Plan and organize all arrangements for student-athlete recruiting trips taken during permissible recruiting periods.

9.  Supervise, monitor and evaluate the academic progress of each student-athlete in accordance with University, affiliated Conference and NAIA regulations to maintain athletic eligibility and to insure satisfactory progress toward degree completion within a four year period.

10.  Supervise, monitor and evaluate the eligibility of transfer student-athletes in order to be eligible to participate immediately and to insure satisfactory progress toward degree completion in a timely manner.

11.  Supervise, monitor and evaluate each student-athlete’s commitment towards their responsibilities to adhering to all team policy requirements, University rules and regulations, affiliated Conference requirements and NAIA policies and procedures.

12.  Knowledge, application and compliance of all NAIA, affiliated Conference, University and Departmental policies and procedures/rules and regulations.

13.  File with the appropriate Departmental Liaison all required documentation in the time prescribed for each form.

14.  Provide a complete active roster of student-athletes with timely updates to the appropriate departmental personnel and the Faculty Athletic Representative.

15.   Meet the stipulated student–athlete recruitment and roster management goals for each sport program under the Head Coach’s direction each academic year.

16.  Supervise and evaluate, under the guidance of the Department of Athletics Administration, the hiring, supervision and evaluation for all full-time, part-time, graduate assistant and volunteer assistant coaching personnel.

17.  Plan and develop promotional media materials to provide an accurate assessment of the assigned teams to the media, campus community, local community, alumni and prospective student-athletes  in conjunction with the Sports Information Director and Director of Marketing.

18.  Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and remain within the assigned budget parameters for each assigned sport program.

19.  Insure that all expenditures are approved by the appropriate departmental personnel prior to their execution.

20.  Insure that the assigned sport teams are actively engaged in on-campus and off-campus community involvement/service activities during the academic year.

21.  Represent the University and Department of Athletics at official NAIA and affiliated conference meetings related to the assigned sport program.

22.  Represent the University, Department of Athletics and assigned sport program with the campus community, local community and alumni.

23.  Assist with Departmental Fund Raising and Development activities as assigned by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

24.  Insure that all actions on the part of oneself, those of the auxiliary staff and student-athletes connected with the program represent the mission and goals of the Department of Athletics and the University.

25.  Other Duties as assigned by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Other responsibilities:

1.  Performs other related duties as assigned.

2.  Participates in campus activities.

Education, experience, & skills required:

1.  Bachelor’s Degree required. Master’s Degree preferred.

2.  A minimum of 3 years coaching and recruiting experience as a Head Coach or Assistant Coach at the NCAA / NAIA intercollegiate level is preferred.  Candidates who possess a demonstrated track record of successful coaching experience at the High School and/or Club level will also receive consideration.

3.  Knowledge of the skills and techniques of the sport at the intercollegiate level of competition.

4.  Knowledge of the strategy of the sport at the intercollegiate level of competition.

5.  Must possess the ability to successfully identify, evaluate and sign quality student-athletes who possess the ability to succeed academically and athletically at the intercollegiate level and to conduct all student-athlete recruitment efforts in an organized and strategic manner.

6.  Must possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of NAIA, affiliated Conference, departmental and University compliance rules and regulations as well as a commitment to those ideals.

7.  emonstrated commitment towards academic integrity and the graduation of the student-athlete.

8.  Demonstrated commitment towards student-athlete welfare.

9.  Demonstrated commitment towards fiscal responsibility.

10.  Excellent organizational skills.

11.  The ability to provide strong leadership and direction for assigned sport programs.

12.  Demonstrated ability to be a “Team Player” within the Department of Athletics and the University.

13.  Commitment to the overall Mission, Philosophy and Goals of the Department of Athletics and the University.

Applications should be submitted via email to Veronica Torrez (

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