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University Reaches Resolution

-For Immediate Release-

Today, the University of the Southwest resolved litigation regarding the tragedy that struck our

golf team as a result of the crash of March 15, 2022.

USW does not want any family to experience the grief and loss that these families have suffered.

The tragedy has led to several changes in our transportation program, including the selling of all

University buses and the contracting of an outside transportation company. This transportation

company will provide commercial buses and commercial drivers, including vetted, qualified

drivers who are not the team coaches. The contracting of an outside transportation company also

eliminates the need to tow any equipment. Further, contracting of an outside transportation

company will include the enforcement of all applicable and mandatory seatbelt policies.

While we have taken every step possible to ensure that future team members and students are as

protected as possible when they travel, USW will always remain committed to its mission to see

that the best practices in transportation and logistics that USW has adopted are shared widely

within the NAIA and the Red River Athletic Conference. USW will submit its transportation and

logistics policy changes to the appropriate subcommittee of the NAIA for review and comment

so as to further enhance the safety of our student-athletes.

USW will further strive to meet the transportation rules and regulations established by federal,

state, and local agencies, as well as the NAIA.

In addition, USW will advocate and work within our athletic association to expand awareness of

transportation and logistics safety best practices. USW will aspire to be a leader in student-athlete

safety through example and advocacy.


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