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Allsup Family Charitable Foundation Establishes Endowment at USW Foundation

-For Immediate Release-

On November 30, 2023, the Allsup Family Charitable Foundation established an endowment at the USW Foundation to support students attending the University of the Southwest. With an initial gift of $1,000,000 to the USW Foundation, the endowment will provide direct scholarships to University of the Southwest students as early as Fall 2024. The endowment marks one of the most significant gifts contributed directly to the USW Foundation and is anticipated to award approximately $40,000 in individual student scholarships annually. The University Scholarship Committee will select recipients, with preference given to those full-time undergraduate or graduate students pursuing degrees in education.

“At a time when institutions like USW are seeking avenues to make higher education more accessible and affordable, this endowed scholarship is truly transformative,” USW president Dr. Ryan Tipton said. “We began working with the Allsup Family Charitable Foundation in 2023 as part of our Expanding Teacher Education in the Southwest program. Funding for that initiative supported more than 130 students who graduated with education degrees in Southeastern New Mexico. We have been able to make such a tremendous local impact working together with the Allsup Family Charitable Foundation previously, and now, we are thrilled to continue those efforts as this endowment is established. We anticipate that this endowment will effectively double the number of students who receive direct donor scholarships at the university. Again, this gift is groundbreaking for our institution, and we are eternally grateful for the generosity of the Allsup Family.”


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