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Professional Licensure Disclosures

The College of Education at University of the Southwest (USW) operates under the auspices of the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) that uses the standards developed by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) to evaluate education programs.


The programs at USW that prepare students for professional licensure are tailored to comply with the educational requirements for professional licensure in New Mexico. However, due to the varying laws and regulations across different U.S. states and territories, graduates of USW may find that their eligibility for licensure outside New Mexico differs. To ensure compatibility with their licensure goals, both current and prospective students are strongly advised to consult with the licensing board in the state or territory where they plan to seek licensure before beginning their program at USW.


The following information serves as guidance regarding the USW programs meeting the educational requirements for professional licensure, based on the best understanding of USW. The University has done thorough research to determine which programs meet the licensure education requirements across all states and territories. However, USW will not be held accountable for any future findings that may indicate inaccuracies in these determinations. It is also important to note that completing a program at USW does not automatically ensure that a graduate will achieve professional licensure in any given state or territory. If you will be applying for licensure outside of NM, contact the appropriate licensing agency in that U.S. state or territory about licensure requirements BEFORE beginning the program.


Due to the different state/territory licensing requirements, relocating during a program can impact a student’s ability to continue a program, meeting eligibility requirements in another state, and/or receiving financial aid. If relocating, students should contact their program to check for state authorization and licensure eligibility requirements.


For testing and licensure requirements for your specific program, refer to the New Mexico Department of Education Licensure Department. 


Out-of-state students will need to contact their respective state’s Department of Education for testing and licensure requirements.

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