Technology Resources

The following is a list of technology resources to support distance education at University of the Southwest.

Distance Education Technologies

Resource Application/Source Access Provided Through
Multimedia Course Content MediaCAST Course Link 

Synchronous Delivery  WebEX
Course Web Link / Email invitation 
Assessment Development Respondus  eFaculty Portal 
Academic Integrity  SafeAssign  Blackboard Course Link 
Research  Online Databases  eStudent Portal

Online Support Services

   Access provided through: 
Admissions  Web Site 
Financial Aid  Web Site and eStudent Portal 
Registration and Records  Web Site and eStudent Portal 
Business Office  Web Site and eStudent Portal 
Advising eFaculty Portal 
Campus Communication  Mustang Mail, eStudent Portal, Blackboard Connect
Library / Research  eStudent Portal
Course Management Bookmark 
Technology Helpdesk* 

eStudent Portal
Course Management Bookmark
Phone Support 

*Helpdesk Support of technology resources is provided by USW Technology Services.