Program Faculty Chairs

List of Graduate Program Faculty Chairs                    
     Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Sandy Wilkinson -
                MBA, Accounting        
                MBA, Finance
                MBA, Healthcare Administration
                MBA, Human Resource Development
                MBA, Law Enforcement & Corrections
                MBA, Marketing
                MBA, Public Administration
                MBA, Research Track
                MBA, Self-Design
                MBA, Sports Management
                MBA, Strategic Management
        Master of Science in Education
                Education Specialist (formerly C&I)
                        Dr. Reece Blincoe     -
                Educational Administration               
                        Dr. Reece Blincoe     -
                Educational Diagnostics/Special Education
                        Dr. Scarlet Clouse    -    sclouse      
                Mental Health Counseling
                        Dr. Carol Brennan     -
                School Counseling
                        Dr. Jeri Midgley        -