Title IX

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Title IX & University of the Southwest

In accordance with Title IX, University of the Southwest (USW) does not deny or limit any student or employee the ability to participate in or benefit from any program offered by the institution on the basis of sex or gender.

For additional information on your rights under Title IX, visit www.titleix.info

How to File a Title IX Complaint:

·  File in person with the Title IX Coordinator
·  File via email through the Title IX Coordinator
·  Contact any USW faculty or staff member for assistance

Title IX Coordinator Contact:

The Title IX Coordinator at University of the Southwest is Dr. Jenelle Job. Her contact information is as follows:

Dr. Jenelle Job, LSSP
Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator, Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences
Kenneth J. Fadke Building, Office 116
Email: jjob@usw.edu
Phone: 575.492.2134

On- and Off-Campus Contacts:

If you experience sexual harassment, gender discrimination, or sexual violence, we encourage you to reach out right away – we are here to help!

Contact during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday from 8:00-5:00 pm):

·  Veronica Torrez, Human Resources: 575.492.2146 or vtorrez@usw.edu
·  Dr. Elyn Palmer, University Counselor: 575.492.2189 or epalmer@usw.edu
·  Ryan Morgan, Residence Life/Housing Director: 575.492.2138 or rmorgan@usw.edu
·  Dr. Daniel Kirkpatrick, Campus Pastor: 575.492.2164 or dkirkpatrick@usw.edu
·  Erin Robinson, Student Life Director: 575.492.2186 or erobinson@usw.edu
·  Office of Special Services: 575.492.2162
·  Guidance Center of Lea County: 575.393.6633

Contact 24 hours a day/7 days a week:

·  Victor Hawkins, Campus Security: 575.945.5902
·  Hobbs Police Department: 575.397.9265
·  Lea County Sheriff’s Department: 575.396.3611
·  New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs: 1.888.883.8020
·  Community Against Violence: 575.758.9888