According to Wikipedia,"File sharing refers to the providing and receiving of digital files over a network, usually following the peer-to-peer (P2P) model, where the files are stored on and served by personal computers of the users. Most people who engage in file sharing on the Internet both provide (upload) files and receive files (download). P2P file sharing is distinct from file trading in that downloading files from a P2P network does not require uploading, although some networks either provide incentives for uploading such as credits or force the sharing of files being currently downloaded."More on File Sharing.

Disabling Peer to Peer Filesharing
The links below list some of the most common peer-to-peer clients and links to PDF instructions to disable file sharing on each one. If your particular client is not listed, you are not exempt from the restrictions against distributing copywrited material. If you do have a client hat is not listed, contact us at Send us the name of the client and the web address for the service. We will attempt to acquire instructions to disable file sharing for the client. It will then be added to the list below.

Please note for support issues DO NOT use the above email; use the "Need Help? Ask Us!" link on the Technology Services main menu. This link is also on the USW home page and in the portals.

Please note, if you are distributing copyrighted materials via another method (i.e. ftp, Hotline, IRC, etc.) this is also considered a violation and as such disciplinary action will be initiated against individuals who engage in such activity.

The instructions on these pages are a guide for what we currently think are feasible workarounds, but ultimate responsibility for your network usage falls to you.

Acquisition LimeWire
Aimster (Note: Aimster is now called Madster and is now a subscription service. The current version of the software may differ from what is shown here.) LordofSearch
Ares Mactella
Ares Lite Morpheus
BearShare NeoNapster
BitTorrent OneMx
Blubster Phex
Direct Connect Piolet
eDonkey2000 and Overnet Poisoned
Freewire Qtella
Gnotella Shareaza
Gnucleus SoulSeek
Grokster SwapNut
GTK-Gnutella TrustyFiles
Kazaa Lite and Kazaa Lite K++ Warez P2P
Kazaa Media Desktop WinMx