Southwest uses Bradford Campus Manager to control access to the network and subsequently the Internet. When you follow the connection procedure you are asked to download a CSA client to your computer, this runs the Bradford Campus Manager checks. The following checks are made on your computer:

  • Version of Operating System - Windows 95, 98 & Me are no longer supported by Microsoft and consequently have security issues. These versions are not allowed on the college network. Windows 2000, XP and Vista are allowed, as are MAC OS 10.2-10.5 (Jaguar, Panther, Tiger & Leopard) and Linux / Unix.
  • Windows Update - Checks that Windows Update is enabled and has been run recently.
  • Anti-Virus - Checks you have a valid up-to-date Anti-Virus client installed on your machine.
  • Anti-Spyware - Checks you have a valid up-to-date Anti-Virus client installed on your machine.
  • DHCP - Checks that DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is set to active, this enables the computer to get its IP address from the network.

If your machine does not match the minimum security requirements for connection to the Southwest network then your machine will be put into a Remediation area until the problems are resolved. Internet access will be restricted to the sites from which updates, anti-virus and anti-spyware can be installed.

Bradford Campus Manager and the CSA Client do not monitor your system on a day to day basis. The CSA client program runs only when you initiate it to do its checks and then terminates. It does not install itself on your computer or allow us to keep tabs on your internet or computer usage.

For more information on Bradford Campus Manager, visit the BCM page.