Technology Services

Technology Services is located in the Mabee Teaching and Learning Center, Suite 116.

We strongly encourage all of our off campus and student and faculty users to submit their initial request using the Online Support Request Form or to call the Helpdesk support number at 575-492-2181 and leave a voicemail. 

Our technical staff may or may not be in their offices at any given time depending on their duties for the day. If you call in and are directed to voicemail, please leave a message and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Support hours in US Mountain Time are as follows:
Mon - Fri 8am-5pm (Office Hours)

On Call Support via Support Line shown above only
Mon - Fri 5pm-8pm (On Call Support Hours)
Sun - Sat 8am-8pm (On Call Support Hours)

IT Support Staff:

Josh Ford
Director of Enterprise Resource Systems
575-492-2183 (business hours only)

Julio Castillo
Network Administrator
575-492-2180 (business hours only)

Daniel Williams
Senior Technology Specialist
575-492-2112 (business hours only)

David Willis
Instructional Design Technician
575-492-2173 (business hours only)

The USW Technician may request that you start the Quicksupport Software linked below. The software, once running, will present you with an ID number and a password that you can then provide to the USW technician to allow remote access for troubleshooting purposes.

Click USW QuickSupport for the software