Freshman and Sophomore Year

  • Visit the Career Center to learn about available resources.
  • Identify majors that relate to your interests abilities and/or personality.
  • Gain experience through volunteering, or paid part-time employment.
  • Prepare a draft of your resume.

Junior Year

  • Explore options, build your resume, try to gain on-the-job experience.
  • Conduct informational interviews with a professional in your field to learn about the nature of their job.
  • Update you resume, include any academic awards, leadership positions, etc.
  • review new job postings, internships, and jobs that are available in your field of study.

Senior Year

  • Prepare applications for graduate/professional school.
  • Start filling out job applications.
  • Visit the Career Center for resume critiques, interview tips, and job search strategies.
  • Attend career fairs, workshops, and mock interviews.