On March 15, 2022, the USW golf team was involved in a tragic accident returning from an out-of-town golf tournament. The USW golf coach and six members of the golf team did not survive the accident. Two members of the golf team were seriously injured.

The demonstrations of support for the students and coach involved, their families, and the entire USW community have been amazing. In response to requests from those who wish to help in some way, USW will utilize any donations it receives to support the following efforts:

Direct Response (Victim’s) Fund – Funds received for Direct Response purposes will be used to offset costs of the affected families related to funerals, travel/lodging/meals, retrieval of person items, and medical care, as well as for direct crisis support for the USW golf team members and other expenses directly related to this crisis. Funds not needed to cover direct response expenses (if any), will be added to the Campus Response Fund described below. To support the University’s Direct Response efforts visit our website at usw.edu and click on the donate link or contact the VP for Financial Services office:  psmith@usw.edu

Campus Response – In support of all our students, faculty, staff, and campus community, USW has committed resources to a variety of efforts to support students and staff. These unbudgeted, extraordinary expenses are broad in nature and include such supportas counseling resources, grief support, memorials, student-centered and other events, all related to our mission to support our students and campus community as we heal from these devastating events. Funds contributed to support the Campus Response efforts are not available to support general USW operations.When the current phase of the Campus Response is concluded, any funds remaining in the Campus Response fund will be restricted to support student services and not general operations. To support the University’s Campus Response efforts contact the VP for Financial Services office: psmith@usw.edu

USW Foundation Endowments – Funds that are perpetual in nature can be established and managed in the USW Foundation at donor request. Endowments can be established through the VP for Financial Services office. Contact psmith@usw.edu

Donations can be mailed to:                                      

University of the Southwest
6610 N Lovington Hwy, Ste. 510
Hobbs, NM 88240