Student Government Association

The primary functions of the University of the Southwest Student Government Association are to:

  • provide guidance to student functions,
  • facilitate communication between students and the University's administration,
  • provide the University's administration with insight for institutional improvement to ensure the rights of all students, and
  • provide leadership for student organizations.

Cabinet members are elected each spring for the coming academic year. All Southwest students are encouraged to become involved in SGA. The SGA office is located in the Student Achievement Services Office and SGA cabinet members maintain regular office hours, thus providing students ample opportunity for direct contact to express concerns or ask questions.

All current Southwest students are voting members of the campus student body and are invited to participate in all SGA elections. Dr. Gary A. Dill, President, has invited the SGA president to represent the students at every meeting of the Board of Trustees. SGA is an invaluable element in the continued success of University of the Southwest. Any questions or comments may be directed to