Intramural Rules and Regulations

Intramural Eligibility

All matriculating students as well as faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the University's intramural program. University of the Southwest intercollegiate team members are not eligible to participate in their sport(s). Varsity and junior varsity athletes are eligible to participate one year after they complete their eligibility or leave the varsity team. Former collegiate varsity athletes who participated at other collegiate institutions are eligible to participate one year after they complete their eligibility or leave the varsity team. Team Captains are responsible for verifying the eligibility of their players. Players cannot play on more than one team for the duration of a sport. Once having played for a team, he/she is "locked in" to this team for the duration of the sport. Forfeits and disqualification will result when the use of an ineligible player is discovered. No participant is eligible for playoff competition for a particular team unless he/she has played for the team at least once during the regular season. In the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play, all participants are honor-bound to adhere to these rules.

How to sign up

It is easy to sign up for intramural sports and special events! You can pick up entry forms in the Student Government Association Office located in Suite 107 of the Scarborough Memorial Library.

Entry Forms and General Information Sheets

For each intramural event, rules and regulations are printed on a general information sheet that accompanies the official entry form. Further rules can be found on this website. All rules and regulations should be read and understood before completing the entry form. All questions can be directed to the SGA Vice President of Intramurals or asked at captain's meetings before competition starts. All information on the entry form must be completed in order to register for a particular event. No exceptions will be made for late entries.

Tournament Formats

Tournament formats vary depending on the type of event and facility availability. Tournaments are generally operated as single/double elimination, round-robin, or divisional playoffs. This information will be discussed at each pre-event captain's meeting.


In all team sports, one individual must be designated as captain or representative for the team. This individual is responsible for the team's conduct in all intramural activities, including, but not limited to eligibility, etc. A captains' meeting is scheduled prior to each activity. Attendance is mandatory. Handouts are distributed and rules and regulations are discussed. Captains are responsible for providing team members with all the necessary information.


Starting dates for all intramural events are provided on the general information sheet and again at the captains' meeting. All events/sports dates and their sign-up dates are subject to change. Schedules are posted on the Intramural website and on the Intramural bulletin board.


The University of the Southwest Intramural program uses student officials to administer many of the team sports. It is the expectation of Intramural participants to respect the decisions of the game officials. Participants who do not follow the instructions of game officials are subject to expulsion from the contest.


Team uniforms are not required, but encouraged. However, proper sports attire is mandatory for every USW intramural activity. Refer to University of the Southwest handbook for details.


The purpose of the Intramural Sports Program is to provide exercise, recreation and fun to participants in a relaxed and structured environment. Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of his or her abilities and make every effort to win within the spirit of the rules. Participants are expected to behave in a courteous and responsible manner in victory and defeat. Officials may eject any individual for poor conduct and the player, or entire team, is subject to suspension from the tournament if unsportsmanlike conduct continues. Grounds for ejection include, but are not limited to fighting; hard fouls; abusing officials, supervisors or other players; using profanity; or disrupting the game. All intramural sports/events that are not conducted at USW are subject to that facilities rules as well as the ones listed above.


Intramural officials, judges or game supervisors have the authority to determine forfeits. Forfeits will result but are not limited to the following reasons: ineligible player, lateness or absence from a scheduled event or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Medical Coverage

All intramural sports and special events participants must have proof of their own medical coverage.


All protested games must be played to the end. Protests made during the game will be resolved at the time of the incident so that the game need not be replayed. Only the team captain may protest rule interpretations or violations with the officials. After the incident has been discussed with the captains, a fair ruling will be made by either the officials or the supervisor, and the game will be completed. Only protests concerning ineligible players will be accepted in writing, and they must be submitted to the Intramural Office within 24 hours of the game. Protests upheld concerning ineligibility will result in an automatic forfeit for the team and disqualification of the player from the tournament. In addition, the team may also be disqualified from the tournament.


If you have any questions, please contact Shelbie Faught.