STEM Group

Undergraduate STEM research group at USW

1.  Goal
For the students who are interested in research, the purpose of this group is to foster the independence of conducting an undergraduate STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) research project, gain essential hands-on experience working in the lab, analyze the data, publish a paper in a peer-review academic journal, and ultimately lay the solid foundation for further study at a graduate school or for the skills in workplace.

2.  Research Area
Fruit fly genetics and environmental sciences

3.  Main Device
Compound microscopy, stereomicroscope, PCR, gel electrophoresis, gel imaging system, incubator, research pipette, pH meter, vortex mixer, centrifuge, UV spectrophotometer, water bath, analytical and precision balances

4.  Expectation
After the training is completed under the faculty’s supervision, the students are able to
1)  Design an experiment and carry out it independently.
2)  Collect and analyze the data.
3)  Write a research paper and publish in Southwest Journal of Arts and Sciences.
4)  Delivery a poster and/or oral presentation to the students, staff, faculty and other audience. 
5)  Attend New Mexico Research Symposium and/or other academic conferences.

5.  Position and Scholarship
President: vacant (2020-21)
Vice president: vacant (2020-21)

6.  Contact Information
Yusheng Wu, Ph.D.
Director of undergraduate STEM research
University of the Southwest
B: Fadke Arts & Sciences Center Rm#113
P: 575-492-2118