Residence Life Staff

Our residential life staff ensure campus policies are enforced and that students learn to live in a cooperative way with people from diverse backgrounds. Our residential life staff includes:

Housing Director

Catarina Garcia

2021-2022 Residents Assistants
Resident Assistants, or RAs, are selected from the entire University of the Southwest undergraduate student body on the basis of faculty and staff recommendations. Students are selected based on their leadership abilities, maturity, and likelihood of being good role models for their peers. RAs live in a campus residence hall and are readily available to help residential students. They oversee and provide guidance as needed or requested for up to 50 students of the hall. RAs also plan educational and peer guidance programs for residents. Supervised by a resident director, RAs are paraprofessional officials of the University, working closely with the Student Life office. RAs work to support and implement the objective, policies, and regulations of University of the Southwest's Office of Student Life.