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Early move-in policy: If a student chooses to move-in before the designated move-in date set by University of the Southwest, a charge of $30 per day must be paid prior to moving in and permission must be granted by the Housing Director at least 7 days prior to requested move-in. Early move-in is not guaranteed.

Withdrawal from University of the Southwest: There is no refund for housing or meal charges or deletions after the end of the drop/add period unless the student completely withdraws from school. Students who withdraw from school prior to the drop/add date will be charged $30 per day from the date of move-in until the date they move out. Only enrolled students may reside on campus. Therefore, arrangements to move must be made immediately upon withdrawing from school.

Campus Closure: Campus housing facilities will be closed to all students during Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer. 

Dining Hall Notice: Campus housing facilities will be closed and no meals will be served during official college holidays, spring break and the interim between semesters. Any exceptions to this policy will be communicated to the students by the Housing Director.
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