List of USW Tuition and Fees

Changes are effective at the beginning of the new academic year


  Semester       Annual
Full-time Undergraduate Students:
12-18 credit hours
Over 18 credit hours
 per credit hour 
100% Online Undergraduate Student
 per credit hour 
Audit: Undergraduate Student
 per credit hour 
Part-time Undergraduate Student:
1-11 credit hours
 per credit hour 
Full-time or Part-time Graduate Student:
Doctoral Student
 per credit hour 
Graduate Student
 per credit hour 
Audit: Graduate Student
 per credit hour
Directed Study Fee  $200  per course 
     This change made for any course change(s) other than those required by the University
Student Service Fee(Undergraduate Student)  $100  per semester term 
Diploma Replacement  $50

Room and Board (per semester)

All Residence Halls

Double Occupancy  $2,350
Single Occupancy  $3,470
Housing Fee  $100/year
19 Meal Plan
On-Campus Apartments(per semester rate)

Double Occupancy  $2,350
Single Occupancy
Other Fees

Return Check Fee  $35
Stop Payment Fee  $35
Payment Plan Fee  $50
Refund Replacement Fee  $33
Payment Plan Late Fee  $30
Leap Transfer Fee  $218.75  per credit hour
Housing Key Replacement Fee  $50
Housing Fob Replacement Fee
Course Fees

Laboratory fees are listed in the course descriptions


NOTE: University of the Southwest reserves the right to make changes, without notice,
in tuition, fees, and charges as deemed necessary.