Master of Science in Education Educational Administration Licensure Program
(Elementary and Secondary Educational Administration (EDA)

EDA 5203 Educational Leadership and Supervision 3 semester hours. Function, roles, competencies, skills-including technology, and styles of educational leadership and supervision. Includes master schedules, staff evaluation, and staff development.

EDA 5303 Policies and Public Relations.3 semester hours.Development, implementation, communication, and monitoring of educational policies,procedures, and public relations. Includes collaboration and partnerships with community agencies, organizations, and businesses and the use of technology as a communication tool to enhance public relations.

EDA 5313 Educational Law. 3 semester hours. Legal processes of education, IDEA Revised, Section 504, major court decisions, legislative procedures, and state regulations.

EDA 5403 Educational Finance and Facilities. 3 semester hours. Public school fiscal policies and practices, sources of revenue, budgeting process, disbursement, chart of accounts, insurance, physical plant, and technology.

EDA 5803 Internship in Educational Administration. 3 semester hours. Interns will be assigned to supervisory administrators in an accredited school to participate in and observe the administrative functions of the school for a minimum of 180 clock hours. Must open and close the school year. PRE: EDU core, EDA 5203, EDA 5313, EDA 5403, and permission required. Fee: $400.

Six hours must be selected from the following:

EDU 5413. Program Development and Management. 3 semester hours.Current trends, issues, and challenges in strategic planning, development, organization, administration, and evaluation of school programs, including the NM Counseling Program. Federal and state-mandated initiatives are addressed, as well as the impact of technology on program development and delivery.

EDA 5213 Theories of Curriculum Development. 3 semester hours. Theories and principles of curriculum development, policies, and external influences on curriculum decisions with focus on integrating technology into curriculum projects.

EDA 5503 School Administration. 3 semester hours.Roles, functions, duties, and professional development of school administrative positions as well as local and state boards of education. Includes orientation, training requirements, and position relationships for local board of education members.

EDA 5513 Theories of Administration.3 semester hours. Theories of organizational behavior, educational management, and school administration with emphasis on strategic planning and decision making models, paradigm shifts, and systemic changes.

EDA 5523 Applied Educational Leadership.3 semester hours. Design, implementation, and evaluation of field based projects conducted in the public schools. Includes appropriate methods in action research, legal aspects, grant writing, conference presentation techniques including the use of technology, publication guidelines, and professional development.