University of the Southwest
                            Office of Enrollment Management

                              6610 North Lovington Highway, Hobbs, NM 88240 575-392-6563

Application Deadline for International Transfers still in the U.S. is July 15th, 2017

If you are a SEVIS Transfer to USW:
For your SEVIS record to be transferred to USW from another school you must meet the following requirements:
Step 1
To obtain full admission to USW by providing the following information.
o  Submit an international admissions application.
o  Submit all official college transcripts.
o  Provide proof of valid F-1 status. (copy of Passport & Visa). These documents will be verified again upon arrival to the campus.
o  Provide USW with an original copy of your most recent financial statements. Must be within the last 6 months and shows ability to fund a total cost of attendance at USW of $26,000.
Step 2
Upon submission of all required documents you will be sent a letter of acceptance from USW.
o  Included with your letter of acceptance will be a “transferring in” to USW form that must be completed by your current college international admissions advisor and returned to the Office of Enrollment Management at USW.
Step 3
Stay in contact with your current international admissions office to complete the procedures for transferring your SEVIS record to USW.
o  Be sure to have your current international advisor contact our office upon release of your SEVIS information.
Step 4 - Check In at USW
o  You are also required to check-in within 15 days of the start of the term with the Office of Enrollment Management. Failure to complete your immigration check-in will place you in violation of your student status.
o  Provide proof of health insurance, I-94, Visa, and Passport. Also Social Security card and driver’s license if you have them.