State Teacher Assessments

In order to become licensed to teach in New Mexico, eduction students must have taken and passed the required State assessments. Information on the NMTAs may be found at the following website:

Students must be aware that in order to take the education courses listed on their degree plan under "Major," they must have taken the NMTA: Basic Skills.

Once education majors have completed most of their coursework in their major area of study (early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, or special education), they must take the NMTA teacher competency test.

As secondary education majors complete most of their teaching field coursework, they will take the appropriate NMTA content knowledge test.

The NMTA "Elementary Education" content knowledge test is required of Elementary Education majors, not what is listed as their "teaching field" on their degree plan.

For more information contact
  1. Mrs. Julie Hillard, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the SOE, or
  2. Your academic advisor.