SPED 5113 Brain-Based Reading Instruction
3 Hours. Synthesizes recent brain research relative to practical instructional and learning activities that enhance literacy and intellectual abilities of diverse student populations. Includes brain friendly classroom accommo modifications. (Cross references with EDI/EDG/EDR 5113).

SPED 5123 Learners Who Are Cognitively Different
3 Hours.  In-Depth study of the characteristics and needs of learners who are gifted and/or talented and of learners with cog deficits; research strategies included for these learners.

SPED 5203 Diagnostic and Corrective Reading
3 Hours. This course reinforces and extends the diagnostic/corrective concept to include content areas as well as reading. Pre-service teachers administer and interpret diagnostic instruments and procedures (both formal and informal assessments). Practical application is accomplished through diagnosing and instructing the struggling readers from surrounding area school settings during the school day. The application is 20-30 hours total during the semester. Pre-service teachers learn to write evaluation reports and confer with teachers and parents.

SPED 5213 Learners with Learning Disabilities
3 Hours. In-depth study of the characteristics and needs of learners with learning disabilities; research-based intervention strategies included for these learners.

SPED 5223 Advanced Assessment
3 Hours.  Principles of assessment, integrating technology into the assessment process and using assessment in instructional decision-making in students, program, and staff development. Includes interpretation of standardized tests and the development of career portfolios for students. (Cross references with EDG/EDI/EDR 5223).

SPED 5233 Advanced Classroom Management
3 Hours Strategies to manage and organize classrooms to affect change in students with unique academic or behavior problems that interfere with learning in the regular classroom. Includes student behavior, teacher behavior, and classroom climate.

SPED 5243 Learners with Behavior Disorders
3 Hours. In-depth study of the characteristics and needs of learners with behavior disorders and learners with other exceptionalities, such as physical impairments, low/vision blindness, hearing loss and other health issues, low-incidence, etc.; research-based intervention strategies included for these learners.
SPED 5313 Educational Law and Special Education Law
3 Hours Preparation of professionals through analysis and synthesis of research, legislative issues and procedures, major court decisions, and state regulations. Course also covers Special Education topics related to assessment, discipline, current litigation, recent court decisions, and education (IDEA '97/IDEA '04, Section 504, NCLB, etc.). (Cross references with EDA/EDG/EDI 5313).

SPED 5323 Nature & Needs of the Gifted
3 Hours. The student will learn the current and historical issues in the field of gifted education. The intellectual, social, emotional developmental and educational characteristics of gifted students are introduced. Appropriate educational opportunities and programming are discussed. Issues in identification of the gifted, special gifted populations, and current research are reviewed.

SPED 5423 Special Education Curriculum
3 Hours Curricula for Special Education at various levels (Pre-K through secondary, vocational adult, etc.) are discussed. Program models, curriculum development, socio-cultural issues, parenting techniques, and resource areas are explored.

SPED 5503 Methods/Materials for Reading/Integrated Communication Arts
3 Hours This course provides in-depth information on the teaching of reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening and thinking skills, and includes reading methods and techniques for identifying, adapting, and developing instructional material; also provides instructional methodology in reading and other subject matter areas for delivery of instruction to diverse populations ranging from infancy through adulthood. The course includes inclusion, "main streaming," or transition techniques and models.

SPED 5513 Reading Instruction
3 Hours. Reading Instruction is designed to provide students with current, research based information on theory and practice in ready instruction. Essential components of this course include the following topics; neuropsychology, alphabetic (phonics and language), best instructional practices, fluency instruction, assessments to inform classroom instruction, comprehension instruction, writing instruction, and performance standards and benchmarks.

SPED 5523 Assessment, Evaluation, Referral, and Placement of the Exceptional Learner.
3 hours. Growth and development (social, cultural, physiological) of exceptional learners is discussed; formal and informal assessment is explored; screening, referral, and placement procedures are described; responsibilities of the Educational Appraisal and Review Committee (EARC) are described; and development of individualized Educational Plans (IEP) is discussed. (Cross references with SPED 3523)

SPED 5533 Exceptional Populations in Regular Classrooms
3 Hours. Strategies to organize, modify, and supplement curricula; to provide appropriate learning activities on an individual basis, to assess exceptional students in reading and other curricula in the regular classroom. (Cross references with EDG/EDI/EDR 5533).