Required Leveling Courses
(Credits Do Not Apply to Degree)

Education (EDU)

EDU/SPED 1101. Field-Based Observations.
1 semester hours. An early field experience designed to explore teaching as a career. Involves intensive orientation to the public school program through observations and other guided experiences.

EDU 2103. Foundations of Education. 3 semester hours. American education in its cultural setting; its nature, role, and function in society. The application of theories, research, and philosophies of teaching/learning, school law, and the organization and finances of the school will be explored. (FA/SP) Prerequisite(s): EDU 1101 or concurrent enrollment.

Core Course Descriptions

Education (EDU)

EDU 5103. Instructional Strategies.
3 semester hours. Strategies of teaching with emphasis on student diversity, learning styles, pedagogical content, delivery media, and recommendations for classroom modifications and changes in teaching strategies for marginal and exceptional learners.

EDU 5203. Learning and Human Development. 3 semester hours. Human life span from conception to death including physical, cognitive, affective, spiritual, career and social development. Emphasizes learning styles and multiple intelligence.

EDU 5513. Culturally Diverse & Special Needs Populations. 3 semester hours. Theory, research, and methodology relative to the needs of multicultural and special student populations. Course includes the use of technology to lessen the gap between program expectations and student achievement.

EDU 5523. Educational Research. 3 semester hours. Statistics and techniques for locating, analyzing, and evaluating educational research. Quantitative and qualitative research design with emphasis on direct application to educational problems and decisions. Must be taken at first opportunity.

Specialization Course Descriptions

Curriculum and Instruction (EDI)

EDI 5113. Brain-Based Instruction
3 semester hours. Synthesizes recent brain research relative to practical instructional and learning activities that enhance literacy and intellectual abilities of diverse student populations. Includes brain-friendly classroom modifications. (Cross references with EDG/SPED 5113.)

EDI 5123. Professionalism, Issues, and Ethics in Education. 3 semester hours. Professional and ethical issues in counseling with emphasis on legal aspects and professional ethical codes.   Addresses ethical decision-making, counseling of diverse populations, professional credentialing, professional organizations, and practical applications.

EDI 5133. Advanced Instructional Technology 3 semester hours. Instructional technology and primary innovations related to applications in the teaching-learning process.

EDI 5213. Theories of Curriculum Development. 3 semester hours. Theories and principles of curriculum development, policies, and external influences on curriculum decisions with focus on integrating technology into curriculum projects.

EDI 5223. Advanced Assessment. 3 semester hours. Principles of assessment, integrating technology into assessment process, and using assessment in instructional decision-making in student, program, and staff development.  Includes interpretation of standardized tests and the development of career portfolios for students. (Cross references with EDC/EDG/EDR/SPED 5223.)

EDI 5233. Advanced Classroom Management. 3 semester hours. Strategies to manage and organize classrooms to effect change in students with unique academic or behavior problems that interfere with learning in the regular classroom. Includes student behavior, teacher behavior, and classroom climate.

EDI 5533. Exceptional Populations in Regular Classrooms. 3 semester hours. Strategies to organize, modify, and supplement the curricula; to provide appropriate learning activities on an individual basis; to assess exceptional students in reading and other curricula in the regular classroom. (Cross references with EDG/EDR 5533)

Candidate must select one of the following courses:

EDI 5203. Educational Leadership and Supervision.
3 semester hours. Function, roles, competencies, skills--including technology, and styles of educational leadership and supervision. Includes master schedule, staff evaluation, and staff development. (Cross references with ECE/EDA 5203)

EDI 5333. Reading Comprehension/Core Knowledge. 3 semester hours. Basic principals of assessment, designing assessment techniques including authentic and performance assessment, integrating technology into the assessment process, and using assessment in instructional decision-making in student, program, and staff development. Includes interpretation of standardized tests and the development of career portfolios for students. (Cross references with EDR 5333)