Christian Studies

The Christian Studies major at the University of the Southwest is designed for individuals preparing for Christian leadership, whether through service to the church or mission field in vocational ministry or as a layperson engaging in Christian service.

Students who complete the Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Christian Studies from USW will have a thorough understanding of the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the Old and New Testaments.  They will also be able to articulate the rich theological doctrines of church history and engage in robust theological research.  Very importantly, our students will graduate with first-hand experience in Christian ministry while also developing into leaders who will make a meaningful difference in the world around them.

Graduates of this program go on to:
  • Become pastors or other ministers in the local church
  • Become domestic or international missionaries
  • Become influential lay-leaders in their churches and/or communities
  • Pursue graduate study in Christian studies
  • Danny Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor and Program Chair
  • Susan Hull, Ed.D. Assistant Professor
  • Bill Sumruld, Ph.D. Professor and Chair of Social Sciences
Degree Overview

The Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Christian Studies includes the University core curriculum in addition to 42 hours of academic instruction in the field of Christian Studies. To see a copy of the Christian Studies degree plan, click here.

The Faculty for Christian Studies are committed to the Christ-centered mission of the University. While all members of the Christian Studies faculty are excellent scholars in their own right, they have first-hand experience in serving the local church and mission field.  As such, students will not only learn from professors who have studied Christian theory but from servants of Christ who are engaging in Christian ministry currently.

As an inter-denominational school, the Christian Studies program welcomes students of all Christian denominations.

Degree Plan

The Christian Studies major has the following required classes for the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree:

                   Course Title      Course #  Credit Hours

           Spiritual Formations      REL 2213           3

       Faith and Christian Ethics      REL 2403           3

               Hermeneutics      REL 2503           3

     Survey of Christian Theology      REL 3113           3

    History of Christianity to 1517      REL 3143           3

      Communicating the Gospel      REL 3313           3

    Historical/Theological Methods
      International Ethnographic

              Practical Ministry      REL 3413           3

            Biblical Counseling      REL 4213           3

     Evangelism and Discipleship      REL 4233           3

      Advanced Biblical Research      REL 4313           3

  History of Christianity from 1517      REL 3333           3

      Topics in Theological Study      REL 4723           3

                  Practicum      REL 4813           3

For more information, contact Dr. Danny Kirkpatrick at or (575) 492-2164.
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