MSE Special Education

A Master’s Degree in Special Education prepares graduates to work with students who have special needs, and utilize advanced interventions and techniques that can make a difference in their level of academic achievement. By acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics, needs, and research-based intervention strategies for learners with special needs, graduates will be able to enhance their performance and skills as they deal with the diverse students encountered in a general education or special education classroom.

Passion plus professional expertise can equal success and satisfaction for children and educators alike!

                            MSE-Special Education Required Courses

EDUC 5103-Educational Research *must be first course taken

EDUC 5113 Cultivating Cultural Responsiveness in Schools

EDUC 5123 Human Development Across the Lifespan

EDUC 5303 Introduction to Mild, Moderate & Severe Disabilities

EDUC 5313 Adapting Curriculum for Exceptional Learners

EDUC 5323 Diagnostic and Corrective Reading

EDUC 5333 Behavior Management

EDUC 5343 Special Education Law

EDUC 5353 Intro to Psychoeducational Assessment

EDUC 5363  Delivery of Special Education Services at the Preschool and High School Settings

See advisor for sequence of completion

MSE Special Education Degree Plan

Special Education Program Coordinator/Advisor:

Director of Online Graduate Program Admissions:

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