A Bachelor of Science in Biology prepares students for a multitude of life science career opportunities that depend upon a solid understanding of biology and the related natural sciences. Students who earn their B.S. in biology may also use their degrees to apply for graduate school or a health-care related school of their choice after graduation. Students that receive a Bachelor of Science in Biology will emphasize in one of the following areas: General Biology, Pre-Medicine, or Pre-Nursing. Non-Biology majors may minor in Biology, or Pre-Medicine, by enrolling in 18 hours of Biology-related coursework. We currently offer 63 courses across the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. There are also 18 supporting courses available in mathematics.

Students interested in a Master of Science in Biology with a specialization in Forensic Biology or Genetics, please click the Graduate Programs link under the College of Arts and Sciences.


Yusheng Wu, PhD.,

Coordinator for Genetics, Forensic Biology, and Medical Science Program
Professor of Biology, Chemistry, Physics


  • Phone: (575) 492-2118
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  • Office: Fadke Arts and Sciences 113
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Narayan Kandel, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology



To earn a degree, students at USW must complete the curriculum and meet other requirements for a degree as listed in the USW University Catalog.  


The majority of science lectures are located in the Fadke Arts and Sciences building. The Biology laboratory is found in the Fadke Arts and Sciences building. The Chemistry and Geology laboratories are located in the Joan Tucker Center for Business. 

Pre-Health Professionals

Many students who come to USW are interested in pursuing careers in the in the allied health industry. Our biology programs are organized to offer classroom intensive, servant leadership oriented programs to prepare students for admission to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, nursing, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, optometry, and chiropractic science.

  • Pre-Med
        Enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Biology–Pre-Medicine curriculum. Prerequisites vary between medical schools. Please check with the medical schools you are intending to apply to for specific requirements. However, most medical schools will accept students with any degree plan as long as they include these courses:


        General Biology I & II
        Principles of Chemistry I & II
        Organic Chemistry I & II
        Physics I & II
        Anatomy & Physiology I &II
        Cell Biology
        English (2-3 semesters)
        Additional requirements will vary

** Important Note for students planning to enter medical school.

        Online Coursework

        It is NOT recommended that any of the required prerequisites be taken through an online course. Many medical schools do not allow prerequisites that were taken as online courses. Some schools will determine acceptance of online coursework on a case by case basis. 

        AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Math

        Pre-Medicine students should be aware that currently, many medical schools are NOT accepting AP Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Math as replacements for taking the courses at the college level. USW does allow high AP scores to substitute for many introductory classes. It is important for students to understand how Medical schools will treat their AP credit. These policies vary based on the institution, so please check with the medical school you are interested in at least one year prior to applying to ensure that you are prepared. 

  • Pre-Dental
        Enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Biology or the Bachelor of Science in Biology- Pre-Med option. Be sure to check for additional prerequisites.