Master of Science in Psychology

Degree Plan

Program Description:

The mission of the M.S. in Psychology is to provide graduate level education that introduces students to the major theoretical and foundational framework of Psychology and their application to the student's current or future line of work. Whether desired for professional and informational purposes or as a basis for additional graduate study, this degree will help prepare inquisitive minds to garner the knowledge needed to succeed in a variety of future endeavors.

The Master of Science in Psychology program offered at USW is a 36-credit hour degree plan that will prepare professionals and inquisitive minds for various avenues in the field of psychology. With the ability to complete the entire program fully-online and in only two (2) years, students will emerge with a thorough knowledge of psychology and its frameworks. An MS in Psychology can prepare graduates for career options infields such as: child and family services, community organizations, government, human resources, law enforcement, market research, health care, education, and non-profit organizations. Whether students seek to enhance their current careers, change careers, or simply continue their education, this program will allow the flexibility, affordability, and convenience to effectively do so.