College of Arts & Sciences

             College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences at the University of the Southwest is dedicated to providing quality education in a wide range of academic disciplines. The vision of Arts and Sciences is to develop students holistically, preparing them to succeed spiritually, academically, and professionally. We are particularly committed to preparing students from various academic backgrounds to transition to graduate work at universities and colleges of the students’ choosing.

To that end, Arts & Sciences provides all students in its programs access to a Career/Graduate School Counselor so that students have either three (3) graduate school or employment applications completed by graduation.

For general inquiries, please contact Cruz Castillo, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Student Support, at (575) 492-2136 or

USW Mission Statement: University of the Southwest is a Christ-centered educational community dedicated to developing men and women for a lifetime of servant leadership by emphasizing individual faith, responsibility, and initiative.

USW Student Responsibilities: Students share in the responsibility for a successful university educational experience.  Upon completion of their degree and regardless of disciplinary major, students are expected to demonstrate ability in five essential areas: Communication, Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Servant Leadership, and Academic & Professional Integrity.

Programs of Study