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USW Unveils Modernized Space for Scarborough Memorial Activity Center

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April 28, 2023
Smiley faceFour years ago, the University of the Southwest began making the transition to a 100% virtual library, offering a comprehensive digital collection of academic resources and materials to support the educational needs of its students and faculty. This innovative and eco-friendly move aligned with the university's commitment to delivering high-quality education while embracing modern technology to make educational materials available to students in an increasingly mobile learning environment. With the move to a digital library now complete, the university has modernized the space that was once only used to house physical books.

Smiley faceThe University of the Southwest is proud to announce the repurposing of its library to become the Scarborough Memorial Activity Center (SMAC), in honor of the Scarborough family's long-standing support and commitment to the university's mission. The proposal to rename the library was prepared by the University's Student Council and presented to the Board of Trustees, who unanimously approved the motion. This renaming not only commemorates the Scarborough family's legacy but also reflects the evolving nature of the facility as a hub for academic and extracurricular activities. USW Student Council President, Cody Stone commented; “at the beginning of the school year, the student council discussed the fact that our library needed a more fitting name. After several meetings and polling the student body, we decided upon the Scarborough Memorial Activity Center (SMAC) as the new name. This name change will reflect how the building is used here on campus. The students at USW are excited about all the amenities that the SMAC has to offer.”

Smiley faceThe Scarborough Memorial Activity Center (SMAC) will serve as a multi-functional space where students can engage in collaborative learning, study groups, and recreational activities. The center also features upgraded technology, seating, and digital tools designed to enhance the student experience. The central hub of the building is the atrium, a large common room with natural lighting, AV technology, and university decor that is often used for the weekly campus chapel service and events featuring community partners. Interim President of the University of the Southwest, Ryan Tipton added; "we are grateful to the Student Council for their initiative and the Scarborough family for their support of our institution."