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Limitless Learning Summit

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September 27, 2022
The University of the Southwest (USW) was featured at the 2022 Limitless Learning Summit hosted by the Cengage Group. The summit brought together leaders of innovative institutions to discuss forward-thinking ideas to meet the educational challenges of tomorrow. The central theme of the event was institutional principle, and more specifically, “finding your why” wherein university leaders were challenged to critically evaluate their institution’s purpose. Interim President, Dr. Ryan Tipton was invited to speak at the plenary session to share USW’s story of change and innovation throughout the last decade as the university focused on using new and emerging technology to improve the student experience.  

The Cengage Group is one of the largest educational technology companies in the world, having evolved from an early textbook publishing organization in the early 1900’s. Today, Cengage is a leading educational resources organization, providing digital products and services to millions of students. Present on stage at the summit with Dr. Tipton was Kevin Carlsten, Vice President for Strategy and Operations at the Cengage Group. During the introduction, Mr. Carlsten highlighted USW’s focus on providing an all-inclusive educational experience for its students.

In speaking to summit participants, Dr. Tipton charged the attendees with a single task. He stated: “You have to continually ask yourselves why are we here…..why do we exist? At the University of the Southwest, as a private, Christ-centered institution, we exist to develop students to serve their communities….to make a positive impact through service. That is our ‘why’…..our primary objective, our veritable North Star, if you will! For our students to learn that objective, we must first demonstrate it in our service to the students as part of the experience. And so, we’ve designed our programming with that as the focus. As we evaluate new projects and big ideas, we first ask the question: does this help USW develop students to make a positive impact through service to their communities? Everything is held to that standard, and rightfully so, because it’s our mission, it’s why we (at USW) exist.” 

The Limitless Learning Summit was held September 19th - 20th in Nashville, Tennessee, and included academic leaders and executives from universities across the country.