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September 18, 2015


One of the challenges and opportunities that college students face involves discerning a calling and cultivating a sense of vocation.  In part, this means deciding on, and making plans to pursue, a career path. One very helpful factor in this process is gaining a better understanding of your gifts.  “Gifts” is a broad term that includes many things, but career development researchers and counselors often point to values, interests, personality, and workplace preferences as key factors that inform effective career decision-making.  To help with this, we are providing you with access to a jobZology™ Values, Interest and Personality Assessment account. It will forever be yours.  You can use your results and the reports to help you in your discernment process, as well down the road when you are preparing to land an internship or, ultimately, employment in your field.

The assessments are designed to help you learn more about yourself, gain a better understanding of how you are unique, gain insights that will help you make decisions about where you may want to go with your education and career path,and search and apply for real jobs all over the country.

By using your jobZology™ account you will:

  • Gain valuable insights into the types of occupations you may find engaging and satisfying
  • Discover ways to craft your education and job to be optimal alignment with your gifts
  • Talk about yourself with prospective employers in a way that demonstrates your values, interests, and cultural preferences that make you a good fit for the job and environment
  • Search for occupations and jobs that fit you well
  • Research Occupations further to understand knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary and well as explore training options, job outlook, and salary information


Step One: Click on the following link: https://usw.jobzology.com/Portal/userLogin.html?ut=u 

Step Two: Click the Join Now! button.

Step Three: Provide an email address and password and click Sign Up button.  You should receive a “Thank you for registering with jobZology™!page explaining that you will receive an email confirmation shortly.

Step Four: You will find an email with subject “Welcome to jobZology!”.  This email will have a Confirmation Link inside.  Simply click on this link.  You will then be taken to a“Congratulations!” page explaining your jobZology™ account is now active.

Step Five: Click on the Login link on this page and login with your email (username) and password and you will be taken to the University of the Southwest VIP Dashboard.  Upon logging in for the first time you will be asked to provide your First and Last Name along with your Zip Code.

You are now ready to begin your assessments. Follow the steps as indicated in the Dashboard by clicking on the words– “You still need to take the values assessment” to start the Values assessment. Once this assessment is completed you can review your feedback and then click the Next button in the top right of the screen to go to the next assessment (there are four individual assessments).  When completed, click the Home button to see a summary of your results.

If you have any problems creating a jobZology™ account or getting through the assessments please send email to support@jobzology.com with your contact information and someone will get in touch to assist.



  • After completing each assessment you will be taken to a feedback screen for that assessment.  You can click on the Next button in the top right corner to be taken directly to the next assessment or click on the Home button to be taken back to the main Dashboard.
  • When you’ve completed all of your assessments you will see summary report appear in the User Your Results section.  Clicking on the report will open it for review.  You can also click on the Summary Report button at the bottom of the page to download a PDF to print.
  • Explore the My Tools section, which is loaded with tons of valuable information about using your results, crafting a resume and cover letter, networking, interviewing, negotiating offers, and job crafting.
  • Click on Job Search in the Find a Job section and click on Show my Matches! button to see a list of occupations that fit you based on your unique results.  Apply filters based on education, industry, job family, match strength to reduce the options.  Or type in a specific job to see how well you Fit.  Click on the job to get additional information and also search for jobs in your area.
  • To get back directly into the University of the Southwest VIP Dashboard after logging out completely, just click or enter the link in step #1.  Feel free to bookmark the site as well for future reference.

System Requirements:

You will need the following system requirements to use the jobZology™ VIP Assessments:

·        Windows Vista or above, MAC OS 10.7 or above

·        A modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Internet Explorer * (9.0 and above)

o   * We strongly recommend Google Chrome or Firefox if you have them installed for best experience.

·        Note: The values assessment does not work on mobile devices, so we suggest a full browser/computer to get the most from assessments, feedback, and tools.