About the Hatton W Sumners Foundation

Although Hatton W. Sumners had little formal education, he "read law" and was admitted to the Bar when he was twenty-two years of age.  He was elected Congressman at Large from the State of Texas in 1912 and represented Texas' Fifth Congressional District, including Dallas County, from 1914 until his voluntary retirement in 1947.

Congressman Sumners, respected, admired, and recognized as the greatest constitutional lawyer in Congress, was a man of great moral courage.  He believed in the vigorous participation by individual citizens in their government, and he recognized that a strong and independent judiciary and legal system are necessary to the survival of the American system of Constitutional government. The Trustees of the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation encourage students and adults to heed his call to leadership and to fulfill their obligations as responsible citizens by participating in matters affecting their community, state, and nation.

The Hatton W. Sumners Foundation sponsors a yearly Speaking Engagement through University of the Southwest, wherein speakers representing the ideals and values of Hatton W. Sumners are able to share their insight and business practices with the community.

The wisdom of Hatton W. Sumners:
"Liberty is a privilege that must continually be fought for, if we are to preserve it. ...if our democracy is to be saved, and if we are to win through the difficulties and dangers in which we are involved, the aggregate will, wisdom, strength, and determined purpose to do it must come from the body of the private citizenship of this country."